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ETIS: Electrical and Thermal Insulation Sleeving


From the steel industry to electrical engineering, from electrical cabinets to household appliances, from transformers to electronic circuits, the fields in which electrical and thermal insulation and mechanical protection are necessary are many and varied.

Electrical and thermal insulation

WITH ITS CONSIDERABLE EXPERIENCE in braiding and coating, DELFINGEN designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and customer-specific insulating sleeves:
- internal wiring of rotating and static equipment, transformers, generators
- wiring of heating elements
- sleeving for wiring harnesses
- domestic electrical and lighting appliances

There is a DELFINGEN solution for every situation:

> NU-SLEEVE: coated fiberglass insulating sleeves meeting electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements and with excellent dielectric properties.

> NU-FLEX: non-coated braided or knitted fiberglass sleeving, saturated with resin for high temperature insulation applications, able to withstand varnish impregnation operations in electrical equipment.

> LANGOFLEX & NU-GUARD: expandable monofilament sleeving and self-closable products for mechanical protection applications.

Approved by all the big automotive manufacturers, DELFINGEN sleeves meet the requirements of the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), military, CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards and are approved and recommended for many UL (Underwriters Laboratories) classified insulation systems.

DELFINGEN insulation sleeves are used by ABB, Alstom, Baldor, EIS, Emerson, General Electric, Toshiba...